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Oil Prospecting activities were carried out in Syria by foreign companies only until 1958 when the legislation decree no . 167 was issued by virtue of which the General commission for petroleum affairs was established , the legislator granted the commission the authority to carry out exploration and production activities in addition to other tasks ( refining , transporting , and purchasing of oil derivatives ) . In 1964 the legislation decree no . 133 was issued , it restricted the granted licenses for exploration and investment to the government only . In 1974 the legislation decree no . 9 was issued by virtue of which the Syrian Petroleum Company ( SPC ) was established , more over other specialized companies were established and linked to Ministry of Petroleum and mineral resources .As a result of the development of the legislation forms related to the exploration and production activities the legislation decree no . of 1975 was issued ,it granted the permission to the international oil companies to explore and invest in the oil and gas sector according to production sharing contracts between the Syrian government , SPC and the contactors . SPC occupies the most important economic position in Syria; financially on the one hand, where its revenues are more than 50% of the national income, and socially on the other hand, as SPC manpower is about 16000 distributed among its different directorates according to the organizational structure Accommodation services and full medical care are provided to all personnel and their families . SPC is responsible for all activity related to oil and gas industry including exploration activities, oil and gas production as all exploration and drilling works, reservoir, production, gathering and development studies .