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SPC History

  • Syria is located in the north western part of the Arabian platform. The geographical location of Syria on the Mediterranean sea and the similarity in the geological development with Iraq and Iran , where the existence of oil was proven earlier , have been attracted the researchers care for the petroleum resource to Syria.
  • In the period of 1923 – 1950:
  • Iraq petroleum company and then Syria oil company have been acquired a Concession for oil exploration, where /11/ wells were drilled with out petroleum discoveries.

  • In the period of 1951 – 1956:
  • (6) wells were drilled and petroleum was discovered in Karachouk field for the first time.

  • In 1956:
  • Concordia Company had signed an exploration contract and drilled /12/ wells where oil accumulations were discovered in Souedieh field.

  • In 1957:
  • The Syrian Government had concluded a technical and economical cooperation contract with the soviet union.

  • In 1958:
  • General Corporate For Oil Affairs was established and entrusted to supervise the oil industry in Cooperation with the Soviet side,where during this period a geological map for Syria was made.

  • In 1974:
  • The SPC was established and was entrusted to execute oil and gas exploration and production operations in all parts of Syria.

  • In the period of 1961 – 1975:
  • The SPC had executed drilling of / 485 / wild cat and exploratory wells and put a number of structures into Production.

    A contract had signed with Rom petroleum company to explore oil.This company had withdrawn after drilling 7 wells.

  • In the period of 1975 – 1985:
  • A group of Contracting companies for oil exploration were entered and executed geological and geophysical works over almost the whole acreage of Syria . During this period 270 exploration wells were drilled.

    The SPC had recorded several discoveries , while the contracting companies didn't achieve any discoveries.

  • In the period of 1986 – 1995:
  • This period had been characterized by increasing the exploratory activity whether by the SPC or by the contracting companies where exploration contracts had signed with /12/ foreign companies ( shell , Elf – Total , Marathon and Tulo Companies ) were achieved significant discoveries of oil and gas in different parts of Syria . The SPChad discovered /15/ oil and gas fields.

  • In the period of 1995 – 2006:
  • A new group of Contracting companies for oil exploration had entered and signed 13 contracts with the Syrian Petroleum Company which they are 11 companies.